Narrative Essay

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For this first essay, you will explore the topic from a personal perspective. My Topic is :“Why is the cost of living in California sky high but the living wages
remain the same? The unbalanced economic system of a wealthy state.”

When you have a topic, spend time at the creating stage, deciding what it is you know about the topic, what you think about it, what you imagine the opposing arguments to be (be fair about this), what you think you need to know more about, and what your writing and research plan will be.

Your opening paragraph should begin with a narrative approach by informing the reader about your interest in the topic.Do not resort to this type of opening: “I shall write about the value of drinking milk.”Be more creative. For example, you could start with something like this: “I have always hated to drink milk and cannot remember the last time I actually drank a glass of milk.I cannot claim to be lactose intolerant; I simply do not like the taste.After a life of arguing with others about why I should not have to drink milk, I look forward to finding the reasons not drinking milk might be wise and healthful.”With an introduction like this, you have not only let the reader know why you are writing this paper, but you have done so in an engaging way.

Each paragraph will develop a different point, and each paragraph will have a clear topic sentence. You do not have to conduct research for this essay, but you do want to think thoughtfully and clearly about the topic and make sure you address all the points listed.Take time to plan this essay carefully. If you work hard on this first essay, you will find that you can use pieces of it in your other essays.In addition, you will have mapped out your research strategy.


Important reminders about “Essay One: Narrative on Research Topic

Your essay should be at least 1000 words. (Do not stop writing simply because you have reached 1000 words—make sure you complete the assignment). Your purpose should be clear and the essay organized.Double spaced

You should write at least five complete paragraphs:

Introduction: This should be an engaging narrative telling the reader why you are interested in the topic (one paragraph)

Body: Write three paragraphs covering the following questions

What do you already know about your topic?What more do you think you need to learn about your topic? (one paragraph)

What do you think the opposing arguments (counter-arguments) are or anticipate they might be about your thesis and topic? (one paragraph)

What will be your writing and research plan for the research topic/paper?

(one paragraph

Conclusion: A paragraph (it may be brief) that wraps up the essay

Closely proofread for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall effectiveness.

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