NAFTA and the EU

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1) In the Cross Border Trucking case the court indicates
that the United States cannot restrict Mexican trucking traffic.Why? In what year did NAFTA go into effect?
What nations are part of the NAFTA agreement?

2) In Commission of the European Communities case, what has
the nation of Italy done wrong according to the court? What year did Austria
join the EU? In what year did Poland join the EU? What is the status of
Macedonia with the EU?

3) What are the similarities between NAFTA and the EU? What
are some of the differences between NAFTA and the EU?

4) The court in the Dole case agrees that a treaty by the
President and another country must be ratified by the senate. Why then does the
court find that the agreement with the country of Hungary does not need to be
ratified by the Senate?

Support your answers using proper APA citation. Assignment
should be one page long plus reference page.

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