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3.3 Create a Formatted Spreadsheet Using Formulas

Watch Spreadsheet Formatting (6:58) before beginning this assignment.

Use either Mac OS spreadsheet “Numbers” or the Windows spreadsheet “Excel” [I suggest you use the one you are least familiar with so you can develop some additional expertise.] to setup and solve the following problem:

Three employees have between them 15 tech devices, of which 9 are PCs

Mike has 3 macs, Bob has the same number of PCs

Bob has one more device than Mike who has 4 devices

Josh has 4 more PCs than Macs and the same number of Macs as Mike has PCs

Create a formatted spreadsheet which will list the number of PCs and Macs each user has, along with the total number of PCs and Macs in use. Use formulas wherever possible (avoid hardcoding data as much as possible). Remember that you are creating a mathematical model, and not using a calculator.

Read the following for more information:

Numbers –

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