My superfood steaks

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  1. Construct a 3-page report about the super food/nutrient. The report should be double spaced, 12 point font, and 1- inch margins. The report should also include a reference page of the sources used. In text citation, MLA, ALA or other referencing style should be used. Proper citation is expectedThe research paper should include the following points.
    •  What the super food is.
    •  How and where it is produced.
    •  How the food is generally prepared and consumed.
    •  The real and/or perceived health benefits of the food. Some foods have many benefits so focus on the top 3-4 most powerful benefits. This is the area of the report that you will want to do the most research. Cite specific research findings about the physiological benefits of the food when possible.
    •  The real and/or perceived side effects or risks of the food. This is also an important area for your research. Cite specific research findings if applicable.

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