Must be a minimum of 500 words

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What I expect from your answers:

  • 500 words or more–if you have fewer than this, you will receive 0 points
  • A thesis (which breaks down to a what and a why)
    • What are you arguing against and why
    • What is your reaction to this and why
    • What parts of the argument are wrong and why
  • Supporting points
  • 2 quotes (when possible)

Bonus 1:

Sports and Politics: Collin Kaepernick and Serina Williams

“Nike Pays Kaepernick to Push Peddle False, Harmful Narratice of Police Brutality” (Please note the obvious and crude use of rhetoric throughout)

“Youg People Support Nike’s Bet on Kaepernick, Poll Shows”

“Amid Uproar, Louisiana Mayor Rescinds Order Banning Nike Products in Wake of Kaepernick Ad”

“Serna Williams Umpire Carlos Ramos Speaks Out for First Time Since US Open Final–‘a la carte arbitration does not exist’

“Serna Williams Unleashes Furious Rant at Umpire as She Loses US Open 2018 Final to Naomi Osaka”

“Australian Newspaper Defends Its Artist After a Cartoon Depicting Serena Williams was Decried as Racist”

“What the Herald Sun’s Serena Williams Cartoon Reveals About Australia’s Racial History”

“On Inspiration Porn”

There is a lot to talk about. Pick any topic that fits here. Can sports be seperated from politics? Was it sexist or racist or any other “ist”? What are your reactions? You don’t have to cover everything.

Bonus 2:

“The Generation That Barely Remembers 9/11”

“9/11 and the Millennials”

I was in high school when 9/11 happened and I remember it clearly. I remember how dire the talking heads on the news made it seem, to the point that I refused to come out of the basement of our house because the news made it seem like the US was going to be bombed all over at any second. Also, I have anxiety issues and can’t always rationalize things.

But where were you? Were you old enough to remember? Can you tell your generation is different because of 9/11?

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