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1. Richard Wagner drew on _______ for his opera The Ring of the Nibelungs.
A. religious dogma
B. Greek mythology
C. Roman mythology
D. northern European mythology 

2. In Verdi’s La Traviata, Violetta sings _______ when unsure of herself.
A. in recitative
B. in a lower key
C. a virtuoso
D. an aria 

3. Why was Richard Wagner considered the most progressive composer of his day?
A. He advanced the harmonic idiom of music into new, exciting realms.
B. He introduced the libretto to the opera.
C. He used the tala pulses in his orchestrations.
D. He combined choral music and orchestral music.

 4. Which composer called the drama—the events transpiring on the stage—”deeds of music made visible”?
A. Giuseppe Verdi
B. Antonin Dvořák
C. Richard Wagner
D. Johannes Brahms

 5. Which composer wrote a solo piano piece that incorporated the “Star Spangled Banner,” “Hail
Columbia,” and “Yankee Doodle” into the work?
A. Ravi Shankar
B. Johannes Brahms
C. Louis Moreau Gottschalk
D. Antonin Dvořák 

6. In opera, a brief musical phrase or idea connected to some person, event, or idea is known as a/an
A. leitmotif.
B. ode.
C. overture.
D. exposition. 

7. During the nineteenth century, harmony became
A. a large-scale structural element.
B. more discordant.
C. highly important in program music.
D. more chromatic. 

8. Louis Moreau Gottschalk’s Union: Concert Paraphrase on National Airs was written for
A. orchestra.
B. piano.
C. chamber orchestra.
D. string quartet. 

9. Whose work helped galvanize Northern sentiment in support of the American Civil War, as well as
proved the composer’s talent as a piano virtuoso?
A. Giuseppe Verdi
B. Antonin Dvořák
C. Richard Wagner
D. Louis Moreau Gottschalk 

10. Which one of the following musical notations allows performers to improvise slightly with the tempo?
A. Moderato
B. Sostenuto
C. Allegretto
D. Rubato 

11. Which opera was written to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal?
A. Aida
B. Rigoletto
C. Il Trovatore
D. Requiem 

12. Who wrote the opera that was commissioned to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal?
A. Giuseppe Verdi
B. Richard Wagner
C. Antonin Dvořák
D. Johannes Brahms 

13. During which section of the raga involves repeatedly striking a drone string on the sitar?
A. Gat tora
B. Alap
C. Jhala
D. Jor 

14. Which of the following was a common band instrument during the American Civil War?
A. Oboe
B. Timpani
C. Banjo
D. Fife 

15. Which piece helped coin the term “It ain’t over ‘til the Fat Lady sings”?
A. La Traviata
B. Symphony no. 4 in E. Minor, op. 98
C. The Valkyrie
D. String Quartet in F Major, op. 96 

16. The third movement of Antonin Dvořák’s “String Quartet in F Major” contains a light-hearted passage
in a fast tempo and in triple meter called a
A. scherzo.
B. rondo.
C. variation.
D. prelude. 

17. Whose detractors found his chromatic harmonics literally painful and called his music ear-splitting
A. Ravi Shankar
B. Richard Wagner
C. Giuseppe Verdi
D. Louis Moreau Gottschalk 

18. The styles of singing in Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi operas differ. Jane says that the style of
singing in a Verdi opera is virtuosic and elaborate. Lynn says that the style of singing in a Wagner opera is
more syllabic. Who is correct in describing the different styles of singing?
A. Neither Jane nor Lynn is correct.
B. Both Jane and Lynn are correct.
C. Only Lynn is correct.
D. Only Jane is correct. 

19. Ravi Shankar is known for his mastery of the 18-stringed lute called the
A. ragar.
B. jhala tar.
C. sitar.
End of exam
D. table. 

20. In Johannes Brahms’ Symphony no. 4 in E Minor, the composer derived much of the form and theme
from the
A. Classical era.
B. music of the Middle Ages.
C. Baroque era.
D. music of the Renaissance

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