Movie Review of the 1959 movie The Diary of Ann Frank, wrwriting homework help

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This paper should be
written on an 8th grade level. 
Part 1: Information 
Write a short paragraph including the name of the movie, the director, producer,
the three top stars, and the year of release. Also include when and where you
watched the film and special comments on its release(was it an abridged or
colorized version, was it in more thane part, was it part of a series, was it
based on a novel, etc) 
Part Two: The Plot 
In no more than one good paragraph retell the plot. Of course you will not be
able to give all the details. Just condense the main story line into 9-10
sentences. Keep present tense. Were the houses, furnishings, foods, tools, weapons,
clothes, hairstyles, shoes, streets, etc. shown with accuracy? Give some
examples of period props you think were especially well or especially poorly

Part Three: Evaluation

Give an evaluation of the film. Don’t just
say. ” I liked it because it was a good movie,” or ” I hated it
because it was boring” Like a real film critic,point out strengths and
weakness of the movie. Which actors did a good job and which were inadequate?
Were there places where the plot was vague, too slow or too fast? Were
theresterotyped roles or rounded characterizations? Did the story build to a
logical climax and resolve itself satisfactorily ? Did it hold the viewers
interest uniformly? Why? Did the film make the viewer more aware of history or
just confuse the issue? What would have made the film better? Would you
recommend the film to another student? Why? what values does it teach? Do the
main characters/ character serve as a prototype for a real person you know?

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