module 05 project creative writing portfolio submission

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It’s time to submit your course project, which is your finalized creative writing portfolio that you have been working on. The portfolio should have 10-11 pages of your writing, plus the cover, and table of contents page. It should all be copied and pasted onto the Portfolio Template document.

NOTE: Complete the portfolio by using the following guidelines:

  • Change the date and be sure and put your name on the cover page of the Portfolio template.
  • Add any artwork to the cover of the template by inserting the image.
  • Review the table of contents and make any changes necessary for your insertions.
  • Copy and paste your revised Assignments in the appropriate section according to the Table of Contents page. This is one non-fiction piece (personal experience essay), three or four original poems, and one short story of four pages or more.
  • Add your Learning Assessment page after each submission.
  • Write a final summary page about your Creative Writing Journey. This should be the last page of the portfolio.

Submit your portfolio template as a single, comprehensive document.

I have to have after each paper My Learning Assessment for the Personal Experience Essay.

I only need page 7, 15 and 23

You will also include a 1-page reflection on the assignment answering the questions below. Each week, you will repeat the process with the new written assignment until you have a completed portfolio document that contains examples from all three categories you are studying: nonfiction, poetry, and fiction (short story), plus a 1-page reflection on each creation.

The following questions should be used to critique your own writing:

  • What was the most difficult part of that week’s writing?
  • What did you enjoy most?
  • What new skill did you find to develop further?
  • What surprised you most about the writing you completed?
  • What revision techniques did you employ?

I have posted the way I did these assignments into this portfolio and were this reflection page goes.

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