Mobile Security Job Aid

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NC Organization wants to provide information about maintaining device and data security to all employees who use personal and corporate-owned mobile devices.

Create a job aid that will provide employees with the following:

  • Best practices for maintaining physical security of the device
  • Best practices for maintaining information and data security when using the device
  • Ensuring device and app settings comply with organization standards
  • Guidelines for setting file encryption
  • Procedures to ensure data synchronization between device and corporate servers
  • Procedures to follow when a device is lost

Create your job aid as a chart, procedures document, or digital poster using Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Canva, Piktochart, or another software approved by your instructor.

Note: A digital poster is similar to a poster created on poster board, except it is digitally created. A digital poster can include a mix of elements such as narrative content, images, videos, and graphs.

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