Mnagement and Organization Research Paper

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Please See the attachment below for more details. Also, follow the highlighted EXACTLY

One Page Research Papers

Please utilize and select a topic as provided in the following supporting documentation. Conduct research on the topic and condense your research to 3-5 scholarly sources which can include your textbook.Please do not spend a large percentage of your paper defining your chosen topic rather, define your topic, identify facts and statistics on the importance of the topic in business today, provide examples, apply to a current business/industry, and/or case studies to support your ideology, and finalize your thoughts.Each paper will be 1 page of body and will require the following:

  • Title page – Your title page must follow APA format.Please refer to the resources provided on Moodle for additional help.Your title must be interesting to captivate your audience.
  • Abstract (100 words – your abstract will be single spaced and be EXACTLY 100 words.Please conduct a word count to ensure your abstract is exactly 100 words, no more and no less.)An abstract page must follow APA guidelines. You will utilize single spaced, times new roman, 12 point font.An abstract summarizes your research topic, research questions, analysis and conclusion.
  • Introduction of Topic – In one paragraph introduce and state the issue/topic examined.
  • Integration to real world, text, and/or learning material
  • Provide examples, case studies associated with the topic
  • Finalize thoughts and paper themes
  • Conclusion – This final paragraph bring cohesion to your paper by reiterating your main points.Summarize your themes/topic sentences.
  • Reference Page – as noted above, your reference page must follow APA format including 3-5 scholarly sources.What is a scholarly resource?Scholarly resources include primary source documents, scholarly articles from JSTOR, NY Times, Marketing Times, Marketing Today, Wall Street Journal,, Brookings Institute to name a few.Blogs, wikis and websites are NOT acceptable scholarly sources.

NOTE:Both E and F paragraphs, when utilized in your paper, must start with a topic sentence. Paragraphs have no less than FOUR but, no more than EIGHT sentences.Paragraph transitions must unite your overall ideology.The body of your paper should clearly identify your critique/analysis, and/or direction (which should be outlined in your introduction).

NOTE: C-G must be one page single spaced and one page over.Anything more than one page will result in point deduction.

General TIPS:

  • Avoid writing in first or second person.
  • Think critically
  • Start with an outline
  • Analyze your resources before you begin to organize your paragraph topic sentences
  • Do not use contractions, ie, use cannot not can’t
  • PROOFREAD and edit your work PRIOR to turning in your final work product
  • Do NOT end sentences with a preposition
  • Paragraphs cannot be one very LONG sentence
  • Pay attention to your sentence structure

Please follow this format!!! If you want full credit for your research paper DO NOT deviate from this format!!!

PLEASE NOTE: The 1 page body required does not include the title page, abstract and references. You are required to write 1 FULL page of body.NOTE, all diagrams, pictures, etc. must be placed in an appendix and referenced in your paper. DO NOT place pictures, diagram, graphics directly in the body of your paper; they belong in an appendix located after your reference page.

TOPICS for One Page Research Papers “Motivation”

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