MIS582 Week 4 quiz latest 2017 (Score 100%)

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Question1. (TCO B) Maximum cardinality refers to _____.the most instances of one entity class that can be involved in a relationship with one instance of another entity classthe maximum number of entity classes involved in a relationshipwhether or not an instance of one entity class is required to be related to an instance of another entity classwhether or not an entity is a weak entityNone of the aboveQuestion 2. (TCO B) The characteristics of a thing are described by its _____.identifiersentitiesobjectsattributesrelationshipsQuestion 3. (TCO C) The identifier of the entity becomes the _____ of the corresponding table.A. primary keyB. foreign keyC. supertypeD. subtypeBoth A and BQuestion 4. (TCO C) In a relational database design, all relationships are expressed by _____.creating a primary keycreating a foreign keycreating a supertypecreating a subtypecreating a line between entitiesQuestion 5. (TCO C) In relational database design, ID-dependent entities are used to _____.represent N:M relationshipshandle associative relationshipshandle multivalued attributeshandle archetype/instance relationshipsAll of the aboveQuestion 6. (TCO B) Match the following terms to their definitions.Potential Matches:1 : something that the users want to track in their environment2 : an entity whose identifier includes the identifier of another entity3 : describes characteristic of an entity4 : an entity whose existence depends on the presence of another entity but whose identifier does not include the identifier of the other entity5 : an entity that holds specialized attributes that distinguish it from one or more other similar entitiesAnswer: ID-dependent entity: Subtype: Weak entity: Attribute: EntityQuestion 7. (TCO C) How would you represent a one-to-many strong entity relationship in a physical relational database design?

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