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You must write on an essay that you have not explored in a formal writing assignment yet this semester.

The essays you can choose

1. Pizza, Pakora and Pancit by Sravani Banerjee.

2. OMG: Tweeting, Trending, Texting by Manda Mohsenzadegan

3. “Drugs” by Gore Vidal

4. Lera’s Story by Dan Archer and Olga Trusova

please follow the requirement

Format Requirements:
1. Minimum 2 full pages (to the bottom of two pages)
2. Typed
3. 12 pt. Times New Roman Font
4. MLA format

Assignment: Please write a 3-4 paragraph mini-essay in which you summarize your chosen essay, analyze two meaningful quotes from the essay, connect those quotes to the message of the essay and devise discussion questions based on your essay’s subject matter.

Please structure your paper as follows:

Paragraph One: Summarize/paraphrase your chosen essay. Do not utilize quotes in this paragraph. Instead, put the essay into your own words. Make sure you clearly convey the main message of the essay in this paragraph.

Paragraph Two: Choose two meaningful quotes from the essay to analyze and “pull apart” like you did in your rhetorical analysis essay. Make sure you connect the quotes to the main message of the paragraph. If this paragraph seems too long, feel free to break it up into two separate paragraphs—each paragraph focusing on one quote at a time.

Paragraph Three: (If you broke up the previous paragraph into two paragraphs, for you this will be Paragraph Four.) I would like for you to come up with discussion questions you could pose to your fellow classmates if you were to lead a group discussion on your chosen essay. Another way of going about this would be to approach it as you would a double or triple entry journal in which you list the questions that you still have about the reading. What questions still linger for you about the subject matter or about the writing? How could you “go deeper” on the subject? How could you play “devil’s advocate”?

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