milestone three nike company new policy and action changes

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In this Milestone three, you will focus on this part of the final project by analyzing the strategies Nike employed to create change—focusing on specific examples that were effective as a means of adopting new policies. This paper should be 8 pages in length not including the cover sheet and work cited page.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in your paper:

1. Description of Nike’s New Approach to CSR. Describe all of the key elements related to Nike’s new approach to CSR. Explain how the new approach effected the various departments within the organization.

2. Description of the Culture Nike Was Trying to Create. List key elements related to Nike’s desired culture. Explain the relationship between the desired culture and the new CSR policy.

3. Communication Strategies to Create “Buy-In” Throughout the Organization.Identify key communication and messaging strategies used by Nike to create “buy-in.” Explain the strengths and weaknesses of Nike’s communication strategies.

4. Scenario Planning and Proactive Measures. Outline the ways in which Nike used scenario planning in order to facilitate change. Explain why scenario planning is important as a means of creating change within any company.

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