Milestone project on HCI, programming, web consulting, overall summary (this will be a 4 different assignment project)

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This is a project that will be 4 different assignments. I will enclose the information needed for grading. I will enclose the necessary information on the projects. I am in no rush to receive all 4 right away. The sooner the better, but they all need to be separate.

Using the scenario provided in the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document, prepare a brief summary of the HCI (human–computer interface) and the IMD (information management database) of the distribution company, using appropriate IT terminology. Submit this as a Word document with supporting screenshots embedded in the document.

Using the scenario provided in the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document, create and document the necessary code changes that are requested. Prepare a brief descriptive summary of the networking configuration of the wired visual configuration from the diagram provided, and use this to create and describe a Visio diagram to represent a wireless networking configuration appropriate for the company. Describe all aspects of the network using IT terminology.

Using the scenario provided in the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document, provide a web consult, summarize at least 10 of the key functionalities of a potential website, provide and justify practical suggestions to improve the quality of the website, and identify a current website that models the two suggestions. Include supporting screenshots that highlight the functionality. Additionally, provide several recommendations for information security practices for the distribution company. Provide a real-world example of an information security assurance failure to illustrate the importance of these practices. Submit both summaries in one Word document with supporting screenshots embedded in the document.

The Carnegie Cyber Academy Library site provides an index of definitions and additional resources for IT tools and technologies.

Building on the work that you prepared for Milestones One through Three, submit a document that builds upon the previously completed milestone summaries to provide an overall summary of the distribution company’s IT system as a whole. Additionally, describe how each individual system component (HCI, database, programming, networking, web technology, and security) interrelates with the others and summarize the importance of IT technologies for the overall system.

Again, these are all linked to the same project, so that’s why its posted as one assignment. I need 4 separate files, as they are each from different researches.

I’ve enclosed the final project template file and the grading rubric.…

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