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Topic: Microsoft Power Point Slide Transitions

Discussion Response Requirements:

“There are FOUR items to each response:Item A (topic), Item B (definition), Item C (references), and Item D (discussion) unless specified otherwise. When you respond, they should be labeled accordingly.

Your response to Item C: You must provide one reference to outside professional sources such as a journal article, website, etc., using APA formatting. Your response for Item D (see sample below) is required to be a length of 70 words. If your reply for this item is shorter, you will lose points. Note that in some cases you might have to give step-by-step instructions (see sample below)

In summary:

Item A: List the topic or term discussed in the reading. (Power Point Slide Transitions)
Item B: Define or describe the topic, including citations from sources. 
Item C: List the reference notation where this topic is discussed. (Cite Reference)
Item D: Discuss
 the importance of the topic. Cite specific examples from the readings. Include personal experience with the topic if appropriate. The answer to this item (Item D) must be a length of at least 70 words 

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