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 I have already submitted my proposal which you will see in the conversation below with my teacher.  I will need an annotated bibliography by 4/19/15 and final by 5/1/15.  Is this possible?

Me:  Hello Prof., I would like your approval to write about Michelle Obama, and to find the comparisons of herself and former first ladies of the United States; how she has such great influence on change to help the minority, low to middle income citizens, and her close involvement with such.  Would there be anything particular you would like for me to write about?

Professor: Either compare Michelle Obama with previous first ladies, or just write on Michelle Obama’s agenda for change. Let me know which one, and why you have made that choice.

Me: I’d like to compare Michelle Obama with previous first ladies.  I choose this because the roles have changed, and there are others who have done things to help communities and the people, like Eleanor Roosevelt.

Professor:  OK, this will work.  My suggestion is that you start with Lou Hoover and do your comparison with the first ladies after Mrs. Hoover.  You will need Louis Gould’s book on the subject.

Assignment:  For this research paper (50 percent of the overall grade) replaces a final exam. The paper must be eight to 10 pages of text in length (one-inch margins and double spaced), exclusive of the title page and bibliography. This project is a staged assignment consisting of three sections that, at the end of the semester, will result in the complete authentic assessment. The sections are 1) the research paper topic and proposal (10 percent), 2) an annotated bibliography (10 percent), and 3) the final paper (30 percent), equaling 50 percent of the final grade. 

The final paper will be scored by the following rubric:

Your paper when complete should consist of approximately 4000 words of text, followed by end notes and bibliographic citations in Chicago style.  Chicago style is required by the History Department for all major papers. If you are unfamiliar with this style, you may  access the very useful website OWL at Purdue.  

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