mgt469 week 5 conflict resolution

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Conflict Resolution

Important: You must watch the W5 Now What? video in the ‘Required Excersises’ folder in order to answer this discussion question.

Imagine being part of a team of two other coworkers experiencing negative task conflict as they try to finalize the design of a new toy before an imminent deadline. One team member is focused on making the toy of maximum quality and the other is focused on the conflicting goal of making the toy at the lowest cost. One of the team members is getting frustrated and feels that the team should be making better progress. The coworker asks you if there is anything the team can do to be more effective. Watch the “Now What?” video and answer the following questions:

  • What types of conflict is the team experiencing in the challenge video?
  • What aspects of the negotiation process would best resolve the conflict and why would this work?
  • What conflict resolution behaviors would you use as a manager to address this situation? Explain your answers and support your viewpoints based upon your perception of the activity that other learners will be able to assess and debate within our weekly discussion forum.

Read at least two learners’ posts, and post two responses. In your responses, make sure to show your critical thinking skills by rejecting or supporting your peers’ position on the topic. Use the article for this week’s reading to support your claims.

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