Meeting Proposal

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Assignment Content

  1. Review the Group Influence document. This is in preparation for your Group Influence assignment, due in Week 4. This assignment requires you to attend a meeting
    Complete the Meeting Proposal document in order to receive approval for the group meeting you plan to attend.

  2. As far as the meeting type that works for the Group Influence assignment, it really can be any kind of meeting where you can observe group process – under the current circumstances with the coronavirus pandemic, you will likely need to select some type of online meeting, although you certainly may select an in-person meeting if that is something accessible to you through your job or otherwise. In the past, students have used staff meetings, town hall meetings, city council meetings, school board meetings, AA meetings, etc. You can find some of these meetings online, and now, online meetings are much more prevalent. It’s best if you can act more in an observer role rather than a participant or leader role so that you can sit back and observe the interactions of the people in the group. You are looking for ways that you can apply the group concepts that we will discuss in class, especially groupthink, conformity, norm formation, etc.

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