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Task 6

Task 6

from on Vimeo.

Thank you for joining our committee. Plans are now on schedule since you helped with the layout. Now we have another big job, determining the parking for all these people we expect to come.

Did your committee decide where the events will go? I hope you have enough room for parking. If you think you don’t the farm next door offered us another 5 acres of field for parking.

Download the Task 6 Instructions. You will refer to these throughout the lesson.

  1. Complete the LYNDA tutorial Math Fundamentals.

What are Fractions?

Operations with Fractions

  1. Complete the Fraction Tutorial

Your task now is to determine how much space we need for parking, how many cars you expect, how many cars you can accommodate each morning and each evening, and whether you need the extra parking space in the neighbor’s field. Develop a tentative plan for parking. Make a drawing of the space and estimate how big it needs to be and how many people it can accommodate. Use mathematical processes as much as possible to show how you determined the space.

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