Marymount University Computer Science Paper

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Topic Approval: Select a topic that you wish to work on in the semester. This can be either a research project (investigating a piece of technology that you are interested in), or conducting a project (such as developing an app or designing a web site, or building a cybersecurity game). You may select to work with any full-time faculty member in the Information Technology department who will act as your content advisor/mentor. Once you have selected a topic discuss it with the appropriate faculty member if they will be responsible for helping you with the technical knowledge required to do the work. Get approval from the faculty member on the topic and notify the course instructor of the topic. You must describe your topic in detail (two or three paragraphs), explain why you want to study it and why you have chosen the faculty mentor. The topic description must be approved by the course instructor

please choose a research topic in cybersecurity and I will continue work with you untill the end of my project, but for now I need a topic and paragraph explaining why I have choosen it . After that we can work on this

Project Proposal: All projects must be initially documented in a project proposal. The document should be concise (3 or more pages excluding the cover page, honor pledge and table of contents, and include the following:

Cover Page

Honor Pledge

Table of Contents


Client, if any

Faculty Advisor with summary of qualifications

Project Plan (including planned schedule)


Expected Outcomes

Knowledge being applied

Risk factors

Work to be performed by others (if any)

The objective describes the scope of the selected project and the client, if any. If you are doing the work for a client, the client must be described and contact information given. You must provide details of your faculty mentor, including the expertise that they have to help you with this project.

The Project Plan should be as detailed as possible, and include estimates for the start and end date of each activity and the level of effort required in each task. The goal is to make sure that all the tasks are defined and that an assessment of level of effort is complete. If tasks are to be done by others, or require involvement by others, including your faculty mentor, this should be identified in the project plan.

The resources section is particularly important if you are doing a project that requires equipment (e.g., the Raspberry Pi). You must provide a list of the resource requirements and how they will be obtained. If there is a cost associated with the resources, this should be identified.

The expected outcomes should define the expected results of the project. If this is a research report, an outline of the report should be given. If it is a project, it should be a description of the results from the project (e.g., a Web site).

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