Marriage and Family Journal (Entry #2)

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prepare a journal entry (minimum of 200 words) that follows these instructions: Thinking back to your family of orientation or thinking about a current relationship in which you are a member of a two-person relationship (e.g., husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend), describe how you observed or participated in interactions that reflect at least five of the Principles and Techniques of Effective Communication, described in chapter 4 of the Choices in Relationships: An Introduction to Marriage and the Family text.

Your examples can be either negative or positive, but if you describe a negative example (e.g., how one of the principles or techniques was not followed), you should follow it with a description of how the communication could have been accomplished in a way that would have made it a positive example of that principle or technique.

Please make sure you write citations inside the essay as well references, this is only 200

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