marketing research questions about chapter 9 experiments/surveys

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QUESTION 1: Explain Experimental Effects (4 points)

Suppose you wanted to study the effect of advertising appeals (individualistic vs. collectivistic)
on purchase intentions and reveal how the effect may differ between two different cultures:
U.S. and China. One hundred U.S. consumers were recruited and randomly assigned to view an
ad with either individualistic or collectivistic appeals. The same procedure was performed
among 100 Chinese consumers, too. After the subjects were exposed to the assigned
advertising appeals, they were asked to rate “how likely they would purchase the product in the
ad?” on a 10-point scale, with “1” being “not likely” and “10” being “very likely.” The average of
purchase intention scores for each condition was reported in the table below.


A. What is the experimental or independent variable? (.5 pts)

B. The cultural variable (U.S. vs. China) is considered as a _______ variable. (.5 pts)

C. What is the dependent variable? (.5 pts)

D. Is there a main effect? If yes, describe at least one (.5 pts).

E. Is there an interaction effect? If yes, describe it. (1 pt)

F. What’s the purpose of random assignment in this experiment? Be specific (1 pt)

QUESTION 2: Design a Test-Marketing Study (3 points)

The marketing researcher usually designs a field experiment to study any elements of the
marketing mix (4P’s: product, price, place and promotion). This is commonly known as test
For example, Exhibit 3.3 (p. 59 or see below ) shows that two marketing variables are tested for
Meboard– price (two levels/values: low vs. high) and distribution channel (two levels/values:
specialty vs. general). Sales volume is the dependent variable.


Suppose you are assigned to design a field experiment to study any two elements of marketing
mix for S’well bottles ( Answer the questions below.
A. What are the two marketing variables you want to study? For each variable, specify its
levels or values (1 pt). (Hint: it is your choice. Make sure that the two variables make
B. What is your dependent variable? (.5 pts)
C. Create a table similar to the one on p. 1 of this instruction; make up some numbers. And
then explain in sentences a possible main effect and interaction effect (1.5 pts).

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