Marketing Plan Proposal

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Step One, choose a real company.

Step Two, consider some new products or services this company might offer and choose your best three ideas.The product/service ideas should be ones that fulfill a want or need of your company’s customer.If your idea solves a problem, lessens pain or increases happiness for a real customer, you probably are thinking in the right direction.

The three ideas proposed must be:

  • Either a product or a service;
  • For consumers in the U.S. market;
  • A novel (new) offering;
  • Useful to the consumer; and
  • Feasible to produce with current available technology

Step Three, Write and submit a 2-page, single-spaced memorandum proposing THREE possible product ideas. The font size 12. List your ideas in order of your preference (i.e., your best or favorite idea first, second-best listed second, etc).

Additional details are in the attached document

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