Marketing Module 03 Course Project – Defining Your Offering, assignment help

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Attached is the product
overview being used for this product being used for this project! Please only
except if you can answer ALL the questions.  Please use proper English and
grammar APA format. 5-6 pages not including title pag

You selected a product and you’ve identified a target
audience. Now, it’s time to define the specific details of your offering!

For this
assignment, create a 5-6 page paper (not including title page) that contains
the following information:

  1. Include
    a concept statement. Concept statements are useful during the research
    phase as a means to obtain feedback on a new product idea from potential
    consumers before bringing the product to market. A concept statement must
    include the following key information:
  • Headline (This can be as simple as
    “Introducing XYZ Product!”)
  • Product Description (Include a short statement
    describing the key features of your product.)
  • Value Proposition (What value does your product
    commit to deliver to consumers? What are the key benefits of using your
    product? What problem does your product help consumers solve?)
  • “Reason to Believe” (Why should consumers believe
    that your product will deliver the value it promises? Be sure to provide
    facts here, not “fluffy” language!)
  • Suggested Retail Price
  • Image/Product Shot (Provide a drawing or mockup photo of your product.)
  • Include
    a summary that explains the rationale for each component in the concept
    statement (for example, why you included certain product features, why the
    specified price was chosen, why the key benefits highlighted are the most
    important ones, etc.).
  • Describe
    two ways that you will do market research to identify who your target
    audience is. Discuss the type of market research, how you will implement
    the research, and why you selected those types of research.
  • Create
    a persona that represents your target market based on your research.
  • Create
    a SWOT analysis for your product to identify strengths, weaknesses,
    opportunities, and threats.
  • Include a
    title page, and proofread your final assignment for correct spelling, grammar,
    and punctuation. For more information about APA, please visit the Online
    Library, which is available through the Resources tab.

    Due Sunday October 23 by 3:00 will pay $50-75

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