manangemtn information systems task

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This is a data analysis EXCEL assignment Improve Decision Making: Use A Spreadsheet to Select Suppliers)

1. Download the data file. (See the attachment in .xlsx format)

2. Read and follow the instructions as listed below:


My expectation on this Business Software Assignment#1 are listed below:

for Q1-Identify the Suppliers who provide On-Time Delivery

  • a Pivot table named as On-Time Delivery in which contains Vendor Names and Average Delivery Days and is sorted ascending by Average Delivery Days. (Hint: you must find out the “delivery days” from the data set provided before creating the pivot table to solve this problem)
  • Identify the best supplier who provides on-time delivery.

for Q2- Identify suppliers who provide The Best Accounts Payable Terms

  • a Pivot table named as Accts-Payable-Terms in which contains Vendor Names and Maximum A/P Terms and is sorted descending by Maximum A/P Terms.
  • Identify the best supplier who provides the best Accounts Payable Terms.

for Q3- Identify suppliers who offer lower pricing items when the same item can be provided by multiple suppliers

  • a Pivot table named as Low-Pricing-Items in which contains Item description(column label), Vendor Names (row lable) and Minimum Item Cost.
  • For each item, identify the supplier who provides the lowest price for the item.

The above Objects of your answers for Q1-Q3 should be included in your Business Software Assignment 1 EXCEL file. Your answer for Q4—a summary of Q1-3–can be placed in a seperate worksheet (named it as Q4) of the same EXCEL file above.


3. Turn in your completed assignment (ensue that it is in .xlsx format) to this drop box in a timely manner.

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