Management Development

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Identify the goals of a management development system and a learning method to achieve these.


Groups will be formed to create a proposal that clearly identifies the goals your management development system will achieve and the learning methods you will use to get there. We will self-assign in groups of 2 in Black Board.

Deliverables will be presentation of your ideas in class with a assistance from your PowerPoint.

Proposal that will be used by the Leadership of Beltway Healthcare to choose a consulting group. There is no requirement for length or format

Both of these will be submitted online to the assignment, one submission per group.


PowerPoint to propose the management development system (goals, learning methods) to be used in class.

Proposal – formulated in a word document.

Please address both questions posed in exercise 11-1

Resources and Useful Information

Chapter 11 provides key information on leader behaviors, and skills.

Refer to the goals of Beltway…(found in exercise 11-1) what does Beltway hope to accomplish as a result of the Management development program.

Add to this information, additional research on management development programs, as you search keep your client’s goals in mind, as well as the basic skills that are needed in leaders (per chapter 11)

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