Management Accounting (BUS 262-55) Points Spring 2018 Information Literacy Assignment 1

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All submissions must be in 12 point font, double spaced.

Refer to the document, “Guidelines for Citing Sources” to cite sources.

Clearly label your answers with the question number and letter

Information Literacy Concept

Define the term “information literacy.”

Cite 3 sources for the definition of information literacy.

Include at least one from a published periodical using the

“Business Source Premier” database on the library website.

Include a reference list in proper form for the 3 sources.

see “Guidelines for Citing Sources.”

Discuss how information literacy skills will help you in the following:

as a college student

in your career.

Using information literacy in your personal life

List 3 decisions in your personal life which require information.

For each decision, list one key piece of information to help you to make


List a source for the information for each of the three.

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