MAN 1300 Rasmussen College The Organizations Training Process Discussion

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You are the Human Resources Assistant at an alternative energy company. A new safety regulation was passed and implemented quickly and without warning. Some people in the organization have the knowledge and skills to make changes to their work required of the new law, but others do not. A third group are somewhat prepared to make these changes but not fully. There is no data available on the exact percentage of employees who fall into these categories. While the Training and Development Specialist and the VP of Human Resources support your efforts to create and facilitate the needed training to ensure all employees make the required changes, the forepersons and Senior Engineers are opposed to the new regulations. They are openly hostile to the changes and probably to any related training and development.

In your first post, explain how lack of time and support impact the needs assessment portion of training and development. Also, explain how you would conduct a complete and accurate needs assessment given the urgency/lack of time and the lack of support from Engineers and forepersons. What strategies would you implement to ensure collection of the necessary data despite these challenges?

Return to this discussion and reply to at least one classmate. Be specific and intentional in replies. Do more than agree or disagree.

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