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Please complete a resume for Human Resource Management. I have never worked in HR but I have military experience and a masters degree in Human Resource Management, Master degree in Special Education and I am now working on a degree in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

BNCOC – Phase I Basic NCO training on common core skill acquisition

3rd Bn (NCO Academy), 218th Regiment (Leadership) covering the theory and principles required to lead a

Ft Knox Kentucky section or squad-sized element in combat.

Course Duration 4 weeks (Completed 2013)

PLDC Initial primary leadership skill training

3rd Bn (NCO Academy), 218th Regiment (Leadership) with emphasis on the NCO team leader role.

Fort Hood, TX Course Duration 4 weeks (Completed 1984)


  • Developed and conducted training classes.
  • Processed requests and transaction.
  • Perform a wide variety of sales, marketing, and public relations functions for large corporation.
  • Extensive successful experience dealing with the public.


  • Maintain a structured, monitored environment adhering to policies and rules governing students’ behavior.
  • Use a wide range of instructional techniques such as centers, cooperative groups, and individual work.
  • Established and maintained cooperative business relationships.
  • Prepared presentations and manuals.
  • Prepared training materials.
  • Prepared requisitions, negotiated contracts, purchased materials, and performed general office duties.

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