Listening and Responding

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Choose one of the following radio programs to listen to:

Answer the following questions based on the radio program that you have chosen in a new thread in the Listening Activity discussion board. Remember that you must discuss your answers using proper terminology from the Listening chapter of your text.

  1. Which radio program did you choose?
  2. Describe the experience of listening to this program. Did you find it difficult to pay attention or get into the story? What noise/distractions made listening to the story more difficult?
  3. Were you multitasking while you listened to the story? Did completing an activity while you listened (as opposed to just sitting still and listening) make it more or less difficult to pay attention?
  4. Do the participants in this program use slang or ambiguous language? Did its use make it more/less difficult to pay attention to or understand the program? Was the language use vivid enough to capture your interest? Could you picture what you were being told? Was it more or less difficult to understand what you were hearing because you did not have an accompanying visual? Is it possible to “listen” for nonverbal communication?
  5. Did you enjoy this program? Would you recommend it to others?

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