Leave small comments, at least 70-100 words

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Leave two small comments on these students post, how/why you agree or disagree with their struggle or state any methods or suggestions that can help them.

student one: One example I find difficult when it comes to learning in school is staying focused on the subject of the class I am in. For example, lets say I am in an English class for two hours. During the first half hour to forty-five minutes I will be focused on the material being taught to me however shortly after I start thinking about other things. I’ll start thinking about my other classes, homework in other classes, how I am going to manage my time, and which class needs more of my attention than the other. My goal is to not only manage my time better but to also focus on each class equally. The reason this goal is going to be difficult for me to achieve is because I can not focus on two things at the same time, one usually has more attention than the other. (at least 70-100 words)

student two: An example of an aspect of learning at school that I would like to improve my learning efficiency and effectiveness would be underlining and brainstorming. I know what underlining/highlighting and brainstorming is but have difficult deciding which text to underline that would be important to me. Brainstorming, I feel like I think to hard about a situation where I loose my focus. Brainstorming is a great idea to expand every possible idea out of any topic. Underlining/highlighting is one of the easiest and best-known study tips. You can’t read and underline at the same time, you have to give your self-time to read over and than start to underline or highlight. I find underlining more difficult because I read once and start to underline and never go back and ask my self how come this particular text is important. However, learning from my mistakes that I previously made, I learned my lesson and started doing the right way. I find brainstorming difficult because sometime I throw ideas out there and there not at all related to my topic. I am setting a goal, which I will use all the resources to do a brainstorm. Read chunks at a time and reread to highlight or underline important text. (at least 70-100 words)

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