learning styles preference homework assignment 2

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Instructions: Based on the results of the Learning Styles Inventory you took earlier in the quarter, you will create a study aid for concepts/theories from the Vision chapter in your text (Chapter 6). For example, many students find that understanding how photoreceptors work to be confusing/difficult, so you might choose to focus on how the visual system is different from other systems. You may do this alone or as part of a group. If you do it as part of a group, it needs to be with students who fall under the same preference (i.e., visual, auditory, tactile/kinesthetic). Your group needs to be 4 students or less. Make sure all names of group members are included: (last name, first name). You will turn in your study aids during class on Tuesday, June 4th.

Things to keep in mind: 1) The goal is to learn, not just earn points (you will be graded on content, not just turning something in); 2) You need to come up with strategies that will help you on the exams. You may have to do some research to figure this out (there are sources online); 3) Make sure you make a copy of your study aids (take a picture of it, for example), as it will not be graded in time to use for studying for exam 2.

Examples of previous student submissions: 1) creating stories/poems, 2) mind/concept maps, 3) models, 4) exam questions (and not from the quizzes online!)

Grading: your grade will depend on the following: 1) You included relevant material from Ch. 6, 2) Groups/individuals that turn in exemplary work, will be given bonus points (not counted as extra credit).

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