learning objectives and outcomes describe the impact of enabling remote access to an existing network in a windows environment

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Enabling Remote Access

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Describe the impact of enabling remote access to an existing network in a Windows environment.

Assignment Requirements

For this assignment, imagine yourself to be a security administrator working for Ken 7 Windows Limited. You have been asked to evaluate the option of enabling remote access for the Ken 7 Windows network. Here are some facts to help you work on this assignment.

Ken 7 has just purchased a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package and will place the workstation computers which will use this ERP software at eight different locations on the shop floor. The ERP software requires two database servers, four application servers, and two Web servers, all of which run a Windows operating system. All above-mentioned servers and the shop floor workstations are new, but there are 22 workstations, already in place, that work with an older software Ken 7 used to manage the manufacturing and accounting processes. The existing 22 workstations are grouped into three workgroups: accounting, planning, and purchasing. Before you add Active Directory to the network, you have been asked to examine the effects of Active Directory in several key areas.


Provide the answers to the following questions to satisfy the key points of interest to the Ken 7 Windows Limited management regarding the addition of Active Directory to the network.

  1. Currently, system administrators create Ken 7 users in each computer where users need access. How will remote users connect to the Ken 7 network? How will they identify themselves?
  2. How will the procedures for making changes to the user accounts, such as password changes, be different for remote users?
  3. What action should administrators take for the existing local users to allow a single user account to be used for local and remote access?
  4. How will the administrators resolve the differences between the user accounts defined for local and remote access? Will there be any differences?
  5. How will the procedure for defining access controls change after enabling remote access?

Required Resources

  • Text Sheet: Case Study for Rationale: Importance of a Multilayered Approach to Security (ts_multilayer)

Submission Requirements

  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Font: Arial, 12-Point, Double-Space
  • Citation Style: Follow your school’s preferred style guide
  • Length: 2–3 pages

Self-Assessment Checklist

  • I have described with proper justification that remote user authentication requires additional handling over local users.
  • I have explained with proper justification that additional controls and access points are required to securely allow remotes users to access Ken 7’s network resources.

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