Learning Activity 3

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Learning Activity 3 Instructions

Topic: Risk Relationship Chart

Focusing on the one health issue you identified earlier (Learning Activity 1 and 2 included below with chart), fill in the “Risk Relationship Chart” to show primary, secondary, and contributing risk factors.

Primary risk factors are the most likely proximal influences on the health determinant being considered. Secondary risk factors are influences on primary risk factors, and contributing risk factors influence secondary risk factors. For example, if you selected obesity as the health determinant you wished to address, you may list “excess calorie intake” and “physical inactivity” as primary risk factors. For “excess calorie intake” you may then list “between-meal-snacks,” “high fat intake,” and “high sugar intake.” For each of these you would then add 3 attitudes, behaviors, or circumstances (ABCs) that contribute to them. In each case, there are more risk factors than you will record on this chart and a more complete listing will be necessary when you apply this in real situations; however, this gives you a general idea of how to examine risk factor relationships.

Submit Learning Activity 3 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 3.

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