learning act 4

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Evaluate 3 educational tests using Mental Measurements Yearbook (available from the Liberty University Library Research Portal). Although Mental Measurements Yearbookcontains other types of tests, such as personality tests, choose an educational test.

The Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) is an online database that contains information and reviews on tests. Articles about how the tests were developed, used, and the test validity and reliability may also be available. Each review of the test can be considered as a separate source and must be cited properly. To reference the MMY in current APA format, see examples here. You must also include appropriate in-text citations, especially when using direct quotes from the reviews.

The paper must be 36 pages (12 pages per educational test). Use current APA format and be sure to cite your sources.Writing the paper in list format, as opposed to narrative/paragraph format (except for the Evaluation section) is preferred.

Include explanations for each of the 4 parts described below for each educational test you evaluate.

I. Description

A. Title of the test

B. Acronym used (if any)

C. Author(s)

D. Publisher

E. Year of publication

F. Intended grade/age level of use

G. Intended purpose

H. Test category (achievement, intelligence and general aptitude, etc.)

I. Description of test components (manual, test booklets, etc.)

II. Mental Measurements Yearbook (or Tests in Print)

A. Date and yearbook number for the review you are using

B. Summary of test review (Summary of the reviewers review)

III. Publisher’s Website

A. What is the publisher’s website for this test? (Give the exact website for the specific test, not the general website that may be listed in MMY. For instance, use http://www.pearsonassessments.com/HAIWEB/Cultures/… , not just www.pearsonassessments.com. Only evaluate a test that is still currently available for use.)

B. Give a brief overview of pricing: costs for administrator’s manual, test booklets, answer sheets, and scoring (if available).

C. According tothe publisher’s website, what are some distinguishing characteristics of this test? Why choose this test in comparison to similar tests? If comparable tests are listed, what are they?

IIII. Evaluation

Give your opinion of the test based on the information gathered above.

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