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To lead by example is when the leader takes charge and inspires the
followers by his/her lead. For instance:  The leader running into
battle first, leading his troops.  By doing this, the leader shows the
followers to not be afraid.  The leader is the example of how to run
into battle.  The leader is not sitting in a safe place while the
followers run into battle, he/she is leading the battle.  The same thing
in the work force.  A leader has to demonstrate how to effectively
handle any situation.  The leader demonstrates how to take charge and do
the job.  The only cons is that the leader is human.  So, the leader
does make mistakes because they are human.  However, after a mistake is
made, the leader will humbly show the followers that he/she made the
mistake and make a lesson from it.  

Agree to this post 2-3 sentences 

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