leadership applications written exercise 8

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Take the following Leadership Self-Assessment Quizzes in the text:

• Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 15-1: The Interpersonal Skills Checklist: Describe briefly a plan of attack for bringing about the change I hope to achieve for each statement that I have check.

  • I am too serious most of the time
  • I rarely ever speak to people any longer. Instead I rely on text messages,
  • My personality is not colorful enough

• Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 15-2: My Attitudes Toward Mentoring: My score states I scored moderate to have the proper mental set to be a mentor.

Leadership Skill-Building Exercises

As you build your leader ship career in either a phone or informal leader ship position, update your journal from time to time perhaps once a quarter review what experience you have had that contribute to your development as a leader.

Submit a written report that covers both the portfolio building leadership skill- building exercises. The report should also incorporate your findings and conclusions from the self- assessment quizzes in this module, and from personal reflection. The exercise must conform to the requirements of APA formatting, to include cover page (running head, page number, title, author, university), a table of contents, APA-level headings and subheadings, proper in-text citations, and a reference section at the end. 1000- words.

Proper writing style, to include APA, is vitally important at this level. I believe that some could find the writing tool Grammarly to be very advantageous. Most of you had an issue in your reference page and this is the one time I will give you a freebee: The title of a text-book should read like a sentence; the first letter of each word should not be capitalized

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