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Hi Pat, Do this paper about the prostate

The Research Project must be written in 12 Font Time New Romans, double-space, cover page, abstract, minimum of 5 pages written body of work (this does not include cover page, abstract; charts, graphs and pictures; and references) and minimum 5 referenced cites to receive a score of 70 (seventy). A higher-grade score will be given, depending on the quality and amount of work submitted by the student. The writing must include the following SUB-HEADINGS in your paper with the information you have researched under each heading:   

 The research content must begin with a cover page followed by a short abstract.

 The body of work must include the following subheadings and subject writing.

                1) Tittle: “The prostate” Identifying and describing the organs which make up your    


                2) “Functionality”: Explaining the functional anatomical structures found in

                    each organ.

                3) “Mechanics”: Explaining the mechanisms by which the organ functions.

                4) “Illnesses and Epidimiology”: Describing the most common disorders associated

                    with the organ, the groups (ethnic, gender, ages, etc.) most affected by its illness

                    and how prevalent do these illness occur.

                5) “Testing”: What tests are being utilized to diagnosis the illness.

                6) “Treatment”: What are the current medical treatments and new innovations in

                      treating the illness.

                7) “Prognosis”: What steps are being done to prevent the illness.

 The bibliography must show minimum 5 (five) sites.

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