Labour Studies Reflection Paper

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Each student will write a reflection on the following topic: Are Andrew Jackson and Mark Thomas right to say
that we are “working in precarious times?” In what ways is work today precarious? In what way
does your own work experience support or disprove the claim that precarious work is the “new

Basic Guidelines | Each paper should:

  • Be 1500 words in length
  • Be type-written, double-spaced, and in 12-pt font
  • Have a title page that includes the assignment title, your name and student number, the
    number and name of the course, the names of the professor and your teaching assistant,
    and the due date
  • Be submitted electronically by midnight on February 2, 2018 via Avenue to Learn
    Assignment Tips |
  • Answer the questions posed
  • Describe your experience and connect it to the course readings. We are looking for a
    balance between concepts and application of those concepts to your experience.
  • Define key terms, using the readings (not the dictionary—we are developing more
    specialized understandings)
  • Organize your discussion thematically
  • Use any material from the course text and the readings / resources on the Avenue to Learn
  • Always cite all sources used. When in doubt, cite
  • List all sources used in your bibliography, even the textbook and the lectures
  • Focus on making an argument – a claim with support – not merely expressing your opinion
    – a claim without support
  • Read and use the essay prep guide on Avenue to Learn

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