Keiser University Week 6 Impact of Data Driven Operations on Supply Chain Paper & PPT

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Select one of the topics listed below for your week 6 Research paper.

Topic Choice 3. The Impact of Data Driven Operations on Supply Chain (2018 – present) – Choose one of these (Coronavirus) as a sub topic. (1st, describe the supply chain or organizational strategy lacking data driven operations management. Use detail from theory and practice to clearly define the specific job function/operation.Then design the concept paper and data driven operations supply chain strategy for the subtopic you selected. Your week 7 Data Driven OM model must align with the strategy)

The model development assignment is a Powerpoint presentation that should contain the problem solving model you proposed in your research paper. In some cases, your model will look like a schematic. In other cases, the model you present will look like a flow chart or PERT/CPM Chart.

As an Operations Manager in training (for this assignment), it’s important that you present the ethical and legal ramifications associated with this model.

The end result should look like a physical model design/diagram or chart and a very clearly written explanation or narrative describing

the model and it’s components (Plus Concept Paper)

the drivers of the model

the location (within the business process), where the suggested model should be implemented

the variance between the current condition within the industry/organization, and the projected condition

the actual diagram/chart/schematic that you created from scratch in the presentation

The Final Concept paper due Friday with the Week 7 Model Presentation.

The concept paper should be 3 – 5 pages in length, single spaced with double spacing between sections. Include the title page and the reference page. It should be the summation of article review research from weeks 2, 4 and 6, plus additional research. The meat/outline of the paper should consist of the following:

What is the Topic?

An Introduction with problem statement & why this topic

What is the Theoretical support of this problem (your article reviews with sampling comments

What are the ideas that converge in this project?

Provide A thorough analysis and evaluation of the potential cost, resources

Recommended research design/solution (which can be people, process, hardware, data or software based

How does the implementation of this project benefit the organization/industry or society

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