Journalism Newswire Essay

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The writing instruction is post in the attached file, total 1.5 pages. Word count: 450.

There are some grading rubric and one sample essay, please follow the writing instruction and follow the sample essay structure to finish this work.

Writing instruction:

to go to, pick a news release of your choice, and then do a little digging
and analysis. First, tell me what they’re announcing. Second, search to see if any traditional
news outlets have covered it. Third, see if the organization has posted anything online or via
their social media channels. Who are they targeting specifically, and who else might be
affected? Is the news getting out there beyond this one news release? What are your
recommendations for other things they could do to improve?

Grading rubric: Per the rubric you will see on Canvas, you will evaluated based on

1. News summary (max 10 pts)

2. Writing quality (max 15 pts)

3. Depth of investigation (max 15 pts)

4. Stakeholders targeted and potentially affected (max 20 pts)

5. Analysis (max 20 pts)

6. Recommendations (max 20 pts

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