Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Agile Process Software Development PPT

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Please do a PPT ( 15 -20 slides )  as per given instructions and highlight the given topic mentioned below 

Assume that you are working for a company that has been using the traditional waterfall software development methodology for a long time. Rigid, strict, sequential and documentation heavy processes are deeply embedded in the organizational culture. Many engineers started to realize the limitations of such classical approach and there is an increasing appetite for adopting a more Agile process.

You decided to take the lead in pushing for change. Research impact of the process on success or failure of software projects to show how critical adopting the right process is for the overall success of the organization. Find case studies where traditional plan and document processes are used, and those where Agile processes are utilized. Organize your thoughts in presentation slides. Here are some points that can be highlighted:

Present statistics on software development project failures/successes (projects that finish on time and within budget).

Pick one or two projects in each category and dig deeper into causes of failure or success.

  • List peer companies that use Agile and comment on their experience. Make sure to highlight any evidence where, Agile had impact on product quality, customer satisfaction and culture of collaboration, etc.

Highlight the organization changes, which need to take place including team structure, physical layout, collaboration practices, hiring practices, decision making, etc.

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