its a case study

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Question 1. Complete an external analysis for the company.

Include Porter’s five Forces model(25 marks)

Describe all the factors : 1 The rivalry among competitors

Numerous competitors

Slow industry growth

High fixed cost

Lack of differentiate

High exit barriers

2.The threat of potential new entrants to an industry

Economies of scale

Product differentiation

Capital requirement

Switching cost

Access to distribution channels

3. The threat of substitutes for an industry offering

4. The power of suppliers to an industry

5. The power of an industry’s buyers

Large volumes


Switching costs

PEST – Data from case study

Question 2. Complete an internal analysis (15 marks)

1.Include value chain analysis

Primary activities

Secondary activities

2. key Resources

3 consider tangible and intangible resources as well as organizational capabilities

4. Key Advantages

Question 4 Complete a SWOT analysis for the company

SW – from internal

OT -from external

Question 5. Describe the business level strategy and the corporate level strategies for the company. Remember to separately describe these two levels of strategies in your answer. (20 marks)

Question 6 If you were called upon to advise the CEO of the next steps to take, what would you advise? Include criteria, alternatives and an implementation and monitoring plan. (25 marks ).

When deciding between alternatives, list the possible alternatives and use prons and cons list or a decision matrix to make a recommendation.

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