ITS 4011 CCSB Computer Science Project Documentation Aspects paper

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Part A

Project Documentation Aspects

There are two aspects that can be considered during project documentation. They are:

  • Documenting the project after achieving each milestone.
  • Documenting the project after completing the project.

Based on your understanding of the topic, create a report in a Microsoft Word document to express your views on the following:

  • Which of the two is a better option and why?
  • What are four different types of performance reporting? For each of them, describe the following:
    • Who will be the target audience?
    • How often you will use this type of reporting?

Part B

Design Phase Summary

This assignment is in continuation to the project discussed in Submissions Area assignment in Week 4.

All documents for the design phases from previous weeks will be resubmitted including, the project schedule, the project charter, the project budget, and the change control management plan. Changes should be made to the originals based on instructor feedback or if there were changes in the project.

In this week, you will additionally focus on preparing a report that details the end of the design phase. The report should be submitted to the CEO who will approve the beginning of the development phase.

The report should address the following:

  • Need for the project.
  • Strategies adopted.
  • Brief description of the site and its design methodology.
  • Attachments from previous weeks such as WBS, schedule, budget sheet, and change management plan (make changes as necessary based on grading feedback).
  • Brief description of the methodology to be adopted for the development phase.

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