ITCC 200 American Military University Week 5 Southside Surf Shop Worksheet

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The scenario:

Gerry Henry surfing, one of the owners of Southside Surf Shop, wants to commission an artist to create new board logos for the company. Mr. Henry has created an Excel workbook that lists the artists and their commission prices. He has also narrowed the field down to four logos and placed them in a PowerPoint presentation. He has asked you to complete both files.

For this assignment, you will need the following files:



You will save your files as:



  1. Open the file Board Logos.
  2. Save as Lastname_Firstname_Logos_Board_Logos
  3. Adjust the column widths so that all data displays and apply a cell style to the title.
  4. Create a chart to display the Last Name and Commission on a new sheet with an applicable name.
  5. Format the chart using a chart layout and a chart style.
  6. Insert at least two comments on the Artists worksheet.
  7. Rename the data sheet with a descriptive name.
  8. Insert the your name in the footer of all worksheets.
  9. Save the file as Lastname_Firstname_Board_Logos
  10. Open the file Logos_Presentation.
  11. Save the presentation as Lastname_Firstname_Logos_Presentation.
  12. Insert the file name in the handouts footer.
  13. In the presentation, apply a design theme.
  14. Add titles containing the names of artists to the slides; select any names from the Excel workbook.
  15. For each logo, adjust the size or add an effect.
  16. Insert a new slide at the end of the presentation, and then Paste link the Excel chart, and resize it as necessary.
  17. Insert the your name in the footer.

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