Italian Baroque and Dutch Baroque

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In the Baroque Period religion played a major role in determining the choice and treatment of subject matter that artists portrayed in their work. The major artists, working in Italy, dealt with much different subjects than those living in the Dutch Republic.

Write an essay (500 words or less) addressing the following:

  • In general, how did art subjects differ between Catholic regions such as Italy, and Protestant regions such as the Dutch Republic.
  • What explains the difference?
  • Perform a Google Image Search for each of the names listed below.
  • Choose a pair of artworks, one from an Italian Baroque artist and one from a Dutch Baroque artist listed below.
  • What are the major differences between the works that you’ve chosen?
  • Are there any similarities between the two works?
  • How is each work representative of the region where it was produced? Consider subject, form and content.
  • Paste the two artworks into your paper and be sure to cite the sources.

Italian Baroque Artists:

  • Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
  • Gian Lorenzo Bernini
  • Andrea Pozzo

Dutch Baroque Artists:

  • Willem Kalf
  • Jacob van Ruisdael
  • Johannes Vermeer

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