IT Planning and Database Team Presentation (1 slide only)

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Your job as a Learning Team is to choose a company you are familiar with or a company where a team member currently works, and develop a new IT-related project which is based on implementing a new customer database.

Company name:
Proctor & Gamble

Develop a new IT-related project: Inventory system project

NOTE: My part is just the following bolded questions shown below.

Select your company and project, selecting an idea to which:

  • You can apply a business process management methodology.
  • You can identify the steps necessary to design, implement, and manage your project.
  • You can identify an appropriate type of database to use and how you would implement it.
  • You can identify critical success factors (What needs to happen for project success?).
  • You can identify key performance indicators (What business indicators will you measure to understand if the project is successful or not?). (This is my part only)

Cite a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed references from the University Library in addition to the other course materials you may choose to cite.

Include detailed Speaker Notes , use in-text citations in the notes only, not in the actual slides. The slides need to be only bullet points with short sentence, then explain the slides in the speaker notes not just copy and paste the content in the actual slides. You need to show some image, pictures, or professional art work in the slides.

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