IT 402 SEU Enterprise Resource Planning Discussion

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I have a question need to discuss answer I will attach the file please follow the instructions and (( I want you after answering the question make I post comment about this answer for another classmate about 200 words ))

student answer 

Enterprise Resource Planning, also known as ERP, is a system that helps automate and manage business processes 

across finance, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, human resources, and operations. ERP systems that help leaders
gain insights, improve operations, and improve decision-making help deconstruct data silos and integrate information
between different departments.

With business intelligence in mind, ERP systems take advantage of many areas of the enterprise. Here are some examples
of how well defined ERP systems can be organized and improve common business areas.

Increase profitability, identify errors, reduce redundancy, and ensure compliance with business intelligence demonstrated
by well-defined ERP systems.

Accelerating product delivery and production process, ERP systems provide a unified manufacturing solution.
As well as tracking, scheduling, and optimizing product manufacturing and delivery, the benefits of ERP systems
underpin the product to the customer and everything in between.

Creating seamless and simple operations, ERP systems provide a unified retail experience. All product information,
inventory, customer promotions, and sales data is centrally managed, simplifying both in-store sales and online purchases.

supply chain
Supporting improvement, vision development, and supply chain simplification – From sales to fulfillment, ERP systems help
improve logistics across production sites, warehouses, facilities, and transportation.

Providing central data on a single platform, human capital management systems are often integrated into ERP systems.
Enable employee success with benefits management, absence and leave management, onboard options,
top talent attraction, and compliance assurance tools.

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