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Give a response to all three:

1. Give your opinion on whether you believe gender roles associated with each gender (i.e., the stereotypical ways that females and males are “supposed” to behave) are based more on biology or environment. Determine whether you believe the actions of females and males are based more on genetics or the expectations and dictates of society. Provide a rationale for your response.

2.I believe that general association is more so from the environment that we live in. From being young we realize the “role” that a person in the family usually plays and their gender that goes along with it. It can be really hard for people who have two fathers or two mothers to understand this because societies norms are that a mother and father are female and male. I believe that they are based more on the expectations of society as people believe they have certain shoes to fill just because of their gender. For example, I have always felt that I have a more masculine personality than most of my boyfriends. I have actually even taken personality tests with some of them before proving that. I always get teased that my boyfriends will cry during a movie before I would. However, based on the norms it is always assumed that the man would be the less sensitive towards emotions. People’s roles have been misunderstood for years, thankfully, the world is getting to become a more open and understanding place.

3.The gender role of each individual is a difficult question. I believe that the way we are is ingrained in our DNA. I was born a female and had no desire to play with dolls or wear dresses. I was much happier riding my bike, digging in the dirt, and playing sports of all kinds. No matter how I tried to be like the other girls, it just didnt work. It does make me less of a female. I am the happy mother of four beautiful daughters. Growing up I had an Uncle who was different from other boys. I wasnt sure why this was, but he enjoyed being more feminine, doing things with us girls. Social and environment may have somethings to do with how we precieve being male or female. Social expectations from our peers is also a driving force on how we should act, so we can be accepted.

With my girls, I had three of the four who turned out to be very girly, as they call it. I have had many jobs that men have held, Fire Fighter, Warehouse worker, Welder in the ARMY, and ran a farm by myself. So they didnt have much of a frilly up bring and turned out to being more feminine. We cant blame the way we turn out on anyone but ourselves. Yes, Society and peer expectations may have some pressure on us, but in the end, we need to follow how we feel inside and do what makes us happy.

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