Intro Criminalistics Essay

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You are an experienced crime scene investigator who has been given
the task by your law enforcement organization to prepare a short
presentation for a local community college for students who are involved
in the university crime scene investigations program. In this
presentation, you want to provide them with useful information about the
legal issues and constraints that are involved in working a crime
scene. The legal areas and issues that you will be discussing are as

  • Under what circumstances does the crime scene investigator need to
    obtain a search warrant before processing a crime scene? What are the
    exceptions to needing a search warrant for a crime scene?
  • What are some legal issues that might arise from not setting a proper perimeter around the crime scene?
  • What is a mock trial, and how can it be used to develop the
    presentation skills of the crime scene investigator in the courtroom?

You are to formally define and describe these legal issues and
constraints that you find as well as inform the students why knowledge
of legal issues and constraints are important to the job of a crime
scene investigator.

3 page minimum, APA formatted

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